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Key Performance Indicators That Matter For Content Marketing

It is important to track metrics like conversion, bounce rate and unique visitors if you want to execute a successful content marketing campaign. There is a multitude of key performance indicators available for content marketing and it is therefore important to identify and choose the right set of key performance indicators for your content marketing strategy. If you are interested in knowing more about Content Marketing, click on the following link,

Key performance indicators provide content marketers with deep insights on how the content is performing. These indicators will tell marketers if the content is liked by the audience and provide information on the number of people who are consuming the content. This is essential to help you tweak your content to something that will be accepted by a large section of the audience. In this post, we will discuss about some of the important KPIs that you have to consider while executing your content marketing campaign.

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6 Tips On Starting A Business

In today’s economy, you may feel quite helpless in keeping or finding employment. The economy is in a constant state of fluctuation that can cause a great level of uncertainty for many employers. Many professionals are now taking the road of entrepreneurialism and starting a business on their own. This provides greater flexibility and job stability for many, though it is by no means easy. If you feel yourself drawn to becoming an entrepreneur, consider the following tips.

1.     Know the “Why”

The worst reason you can engage in starting a business is that you’ve run out of options. Becoming an entrepreneur is something you should be doing because you have a passion for it and you are invested in your idea. This will require a great deal more work than searching for a job and will end up costing you more. Do some soul searching to understand what your motivation is for wanting to start a new business and figure out if you have the dedication needed to make it succeed.

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4 Hints For Professional Online Marketing

The Internet offers us an extremely powerful conduit to profit by marketing products or services. To make it work, there are tricks to apply in order to harness the command of this conduit for the influence of the products you are selling. If you are just beginning online marketing, you might need the help of professionals as this can be an overwhelming task to do.

The trick is being able to harness the command of this channel to make it work for the particular product or service that you are selling. For someone barely starting to get their feet wet with marketing online, this can be a daunting task. You can follow 4 hints below to speed up your driving traffic and conversions in a flash.

No. 1 is to have a professional online writer for you site content

Identify a proficient content writer who can establish abilities in forming together both web writing skills and business writing skills to develop into a winning multitalented online content writer. Professional writers are proficient to create a dynamic content for marketing copy for each article, work with the knowledge of online marketing. It is important for this work to be purposely targeted for being friendly in the search engine. In this positions the problem. There are lots of online writers who know how to boost your content and have either capability: as web writer or business writer.

No 2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Anything regarding online marketing work as well as to break down a little relevant information is crucial such as follows:

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Social Media Metrics Plays A Vital Role For Online Businesses

Nowadays, Social media is regarded as the hottest and wide spreading topic to discuss in an entire universe. Undoubtedly, social media plays a vital role in business but the impact of the social media over the business was not happened in an overnight; so it is a crucial thing to know what type of tools or statistics is worthy one for behind this great revolution.

It is very keenly to know which social media metrics really matters for successful business? Here are some are mentioned below:

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Professional Headshots to Boost Your Online Business

If your business is online, you know the importance of optimizing your Google searches. There’s a lot of competition, and if you want to succeed, you need to go the extra mile when your competition isn’t or even perhaps keep up with your competition?

There are many secrets to driving your web traffic. Did you know that posting your headshot beneath your tagline can increase clicks to your site by 35 percent? More people than ever are doing business on the web, but it’s not exactly like going to the old familiar neighborhood store. Most of the time, we have no idea with whom we are dealing. And while we may have convinced our family or friends of our charm, the person who is clicking online still needs to be convinced.

That is why an attractive headshot can be an indispensable tool to increasing your online business. A face gives us a much needed human figure so we can start a relationship with someone. Your headshot/business portrait makes people more comfortable if they can look into your eyes.
You should be using a photo, but you need to make sure the photo presents a positive, attractive, trustworthy image that will draw people. If you let your cousin snap you at the family picnic and then post that photo on your website, what message are you sending to your customers? The important message that you are actually conveying is that you don’t care very much. If you don’t care about your business, why should anyone else? This is why any old headshot isn’t just slapped up there, you need a picture that speaks volumes about who you are.

Your photograph is an integral part of your online business, and you should not skimp on the quality. If you want people to take you seriously, you need to create the right image. After all, a picture that would drive a site geared toward Justin Bieber fans won’t work if your clientele consists of sports car enthusiasts. You wouldn’t want to project the same image to both segments of the population.

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Perks You Get from March Madness

An infographic which best describes why March Madness can be good for your business or company.

march madness work productivity
Why March Madness Can Be Good For Your Company

Top 25 Important Online Project Management Software – Infographic

Project management software is used for managing, scheduling & tracking projects, cost control, resource allocation, communication, quality management and documentation.

Getapp proudly announce their infographic about the most important online project management Solutions. This infographic is here to offer you information on important decision factors so you can decide which project management solution is the best fit for your business.

They focused exclusively on Software as a Service(SaaS) project management software means these solutions can be accessed online. They don’t focus on the solutions that are not available online meaning you have to install them on your computers.

The top 25 online project management software selected for this infographic were based on the size and age of the company developing the product, popularity of the product, social media presence, ease of integration, trust factors and mobile applications availability

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Companies that Support and Against SOPA


SOPA means STOP ONLINE PIRACY ACT while PIPA means PROTECT IP ACT. These are the two pieces of legislation in United States. The purpose of these bills is to stop distributing or selling pirated copyrighted material and counterfeiting. You can see the companies bellow that are against and support SOPA. Do you think this will be the answer of online piracy? You can share your thoughts here.


These are the list of companies that supports SOPA:

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Online Marketing for Every Business


“Online Marketing for every business. Let’s work together” is their famous tagline.


According to Wikipedia, online marketing can also be called as internet marketing or e-marketing. It ties together  the creative and technical aspects of the Internet, including design, development, advertising, and sales. E-marketing also refers to the placement of media along many different stages of the customer engagement cycle through search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), banner ads on specific websites, email marketing, mobile advertising, and Web 2.0 strategies.


Here comes webbROI, which best fit for the explanation of Wiki. Taylor Miles is the Founder and President of Webbroi, a traveler and serial entreprenuer. They believe in a holistic approach that your marketing efforts should all work together. They stress complete transparency and a goal oriented approach to obtain the highest return-on-investment.

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Facebook for Small Business

According to a November report from Constant Contact, small businesses are finding that using social media is getting easier, is less time consuming and is working well with their customer base.

You can see in the chart below that in just 6 months, small businesses have embraced social media use  much more. They are finding the low cost and ease of use well worth it.

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